What is AkibaKart? アキバカートって本当に公道を走れるの?


Is it really allowed to drive Akiba Cart on the road?


Akiba cart is treated as a minicar. If you have a driver’s license, you can drive it on the road without wearing a helmet and a seat belt.







The right pedal is the accelerator. The left one is the brake.







ギアは(左)は F(前進)・N(ニュートラル) R(バック)の AT(オートマ)ギアです。

The gear is automatic with F(forward), N(neutral), R(reverse).








Repair parts such as the direction indicator and hazards have been already equipped.The steering wheel is a little heavy to turn because the power steering has not been installed.





Clutch Type / Transmission Type Automatic Centrifugal Clutch / CVT(with t Specification

Total Length × Total Width × Total Height / Center Distance  2,080mm×1,120mm×700mm/1,340mm

Vehicle Weight / Minimum Ride Height / Seat Height       95kgs / 120mm / 240mm

Motor / Displacement Air-cooled Two Cycle Engine Single Cylinder (Separate Lubrication)/49.3cc
(原動機類/排気量  空冷2サイクル単気筒(分離給油式)/49.3cc)

Bore and Stroke/Fuel Tank Capacity   40Φ×39.2mm/4.4L (Unleaded Gasoline)
ボア×ストローク/燃料タンク容量 40Φ×39.2mm/4.4L(無鉛ガソリン使用)

Max Output/Max Torque 3.1kW(4.15ps)/6,800rpm/4.4Nm(0.45kgf)/6,000rpm

Compression Ratio/Cab  7.8:1/Piston Valve Type Mikuni VM16(MJ#55)

Starter Motor / Ignition System / Fuel Efficiency Starter Motor / CDI Ignition / 20km/L(50km/h)
始動方式/点火方式/燃費     セルモーター/CDIイグニション/20km/L(50km/h)

Battery Capacity/Type   12V-4Ah(10h)/YTX5L-BS

he Reverse Gear and the Differential Gear)
クラッチ形式/変速機形式     自動遠心式/CVT(リバースギア、デフレンシャル付き)

Tire Size (Front / Rear)   15*6.0-6(Tubeless Tire)/16*6.5-8(Tubeless Tire)
タイヤサイズ(前/後)   15*6.0-6/16*6.5-8(前後チューブレス)

Brake Type / Suspension System Drum Brake(Front and Rear) / Rigid(Front and Rear)
ブレーキ形式/懸架方式  ドラム式(前後)/リジット(前後)

Capacity / Maximum Speed    1 Person / 55km/h(Because the speed limiter is included as standard equipment.)
定員/最高速度           1名/55km/h(リミッターが標準装着されている為)







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